Ross AllenOwner

    Ross has always had an interest in building and even as a young boy showed a natural talent for piecing things together.  In his teens, Ross began to design and construct furniture pieces many of which are family favorites and are still proudly displayed in our homes today. Just for fun in Ross’s earlier years, he decided to challenge himself by designing and building some high performance water skis for a few good friends and clients.  There was big fun to be had on the lake with the best water skis around!

    Following in his parent’s footsteps, Ross went on to graduate from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering.  He spent his first 15 years out of college working for Celanese, an industrial facility in Rock Hill. In 1988, Ross built his first custom home which soon became his passion and life-long career.  Ross will tell you he enjoys the building business because it combines the opportunity to be artistic and creative with the good fortune to meet great people who look to him for consultative advice on how to build better and smarter than his competitors. He will also tell you that he enjoys the building business so much it doesn’t feel like work.  
    Outside of the business, Ross enjoys golf and spending time with his wife Maile and their children.  Ross and Maile both have a passion for children in need and volunteer for an organization called Open Hearts and Homes for Children which connects orphan children from Eastern Europe with Christian families in the United States. Ross and Maile have 6 biological children and also have been blessed by the adoption of their three young boys.