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e are a family owned and operated company with over 30 years of construction experience.  We pride ourselves on doing things “the right way” and believe in partnering with our clients to provide the very best service and home building expertise in the industry. We have an excellent reputation and over the years have built our business through word of mouth referrals.   We would be happy to connect you with some references who can share their experiences in working with our team at Ross Allen Custom Builders.

  • Ross Allen Owner

    Ross graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering.  Ross has been building custom homes in Charlotte for 28 years.

  • Chris Allen Project Manager

    Chris graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelors of Civil Engineering.  Chris has worked with Ross Allen Custom Builders as early as high school and spent 8 years working for Rodgers Builders after graduating from Vanderbilt.

  • Thomas Allen Assistant Project Manager

    Thomas graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelors of Civil Engineering in 2015, and was hired soon after to join the family business.

  • Margie Simpson Office Manager

    Margie has been a dedicated and long standing member of the Ross Allen Custom Builder Team. Margie handles the day to day office administration and manages the accounting department for the company. In her spare time, Margie loves visiting the beach and spending time with her grandchildren and friends.

 Weather Out Flashing – Our Sister Company

Though years of perfecting our weatherization techniques and standards, we believed there had to be a better way to install window and door flashings.  As a result we designed multiple types of head and sill flashing products resulting in 6 patenets.  Soon after, Weather Out Flashing was founded (2004) to use all these products in our custom homes, protecting them from water intrusion.  Our state of the art flashing provides a sloped pan with drain channels for water to find a path towards the exterior of your home.  Currently our products are being sold to builders and developers across the country.

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