home renovation or addition can be an excellent way to add value to your existing home and provide your family with an alternative to moving, changing neighborhoods and or even schools.  Whether you’re considering a minor project or a more extensive renovation, our team can help recommend and evaluate various options to provide the best possible solution for your family.

Living through a renovation or addition can be challenging but through years of experience, we can walk you through what to expect at various stages of the project. We do our best to manage our timelines appropriately and respect your budget. A larger renovation or home addition will sometimes involve a few unknowns along the way but again with our experienced team, we are many times able to predict these issues in advance. This saves the homeowner time and money in the long run.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and references. We provide renovation and home addition estimates at no cost.


  • DP Woodrow & Company, LLC
  • Our family first met Ross Allen in February of 2015 when we inquired about a parcel of property he had listed for sale.   Following our initial meeting, we decided without reservation that Ross Allen Custom Builders would build our next home.  Ross as totally transparent with his intentions and willingness to adapt to our plans.  From the initial budget to the final cost, Ross kept us updated on schedules, allowed modifications in the process and has followed up on a timely basis with the few problems that have occurred.
    Based on our experience and recommendation, Ross will be building a new home for our best friends based later this year.  Had our experience been anything less than exceptional, we would not be in position to make such recommendation.

    David & Sonya Stanford Project Executive

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